I attest to be fully trained and physically / mentally fit to participate in the event and have full knowledge and consent of the risks involved. We are heirs, executors, and administrators, do hereby waive and release forever, any and all rights to claim damages the team may have against the organizer, sponsors, volunteers, race officials and all parties involved in the event.

I affirm that in case of proxy registration, by presenting my ID and affixing my proxy’s signature, it is presumed that my proxy has my permission to represent myself and the waiver binds the runner being represented.

I declare that the information I provided herein, are true and correct, and that I am willing to show proof in case the organizers of the event request such information. I give my permission for the use of my name, photos, and voice in any broadcast, telecast, digital, print material in any medium for this event.

I agree that in the event of race cancellation due to inclement to weather of other unforeseen "Acts of God", and no alternative date can be found, the entry fee shall be non-refundable.

Finally, I hereby declare that I have read this entry form and agree to abide by the rules and regulations.

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